Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where's The Snow?

Sunday Morning Snow!!

I woke up Sunday morning to a beautiful scene outside my door (it sure make up for the sore throat I also woke up with). I stepped outside and took a couple of pictures. Later that evening I proceeded to log on to load the amazing pictures onto my blog...but where are they? Someone messed with my camera, and now my pictures are no where to be found, so I thought I would load what appeared to take precidence over my beautiful pictures...McKennah doing cartwheels, and backbends, and Madi and Morgen making faces....enjoy!!!


Angela said...

Hi, I found your blog on Jodi's. I hate when I lose pic's. You just can't get those back! But your girls are more beautiful than the snow for sure! Tierra would die if I put her on with a silly face. So I publish without asking her. ha ha I'll have to show her Madi's pic.

Kim said...

That's too funny! Don't you just LOVE kids! One time I took a whole bunch of pictures of Kloe when she was first born to send to friends and family. Brayden got a hold of my camera and opened it and exposed all the film! (before digital cameras) I felt like crying. :(

Jaycee said...

Oh I tagged you,, I didn't follow all the rules by posting the rules or tagging 7 people. Just you! Don't you feel special. Just post 7 weird facts about yourself!!