Friday, October 10, 2008

My new four letter word

E - con - o - my!!

Okay...I am just going to say it. This economy has really gotten me stressed. My girls have even taken notice and are now talking about it. I worry if we have enough food storage...will Steve get laid-off from his job...will we end up losing everything we have worked so hard for for the last 17 years...I can't even imagine starting over.

Should we be saving every dollar or trying to spend to help stimulate the economy. How is this going to get turned around. What good can I do. I so wish that I had all the answers.

What I am hoping for is that I am worrying for nothing and that a year from now we will all be better off than we are now...or...Could it be that I am just watching too much Dr. Phil and Oprah? lol


Kim said...

I feel the same way. And yes, I too watch Oprah! I'm always tuned in when Suze Orman talks! I record it and have Lane watch it with me. I worry about the same things, "What can I be doing better?" My mom called me yesterday and told me that my dad's retirement had lost 30,000 last week! Scary! I too am worried!

Jodi said...

Stacy, I feel the same way. I recently looked through my huge almost-empty pantry, that I wanted so bad, and thought for a second what would happen if we needed to start using that food storage and how long(or short) would that food last. It's all kind of scary!! I have big hopes that after the elections things will start to slowly look up!!

Stacey said...

I just checked the balance in Steve's 401K and we have lost a total of $26,372.09 and that is after I moved half of it to a 'safe' fund...and after todays gain of $2,697.93. So it was even worse yesterday.
A year ago in October it was at it's all time was exciting to watch it grow...and now it feels like it is slipping away :(

laceemo3 said...

Hey Stac!
Makes you reevaluate every penny you spend and whats really important doesnt it. What can you live without and what really are the necessities of life. Scary stuff! Nope sorry I dont watch Oprah (i dont watch any tv) Youll have to keep me up to date. Call me we should go to Lunch!