Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eight Is Great!!!

Oh My!! Morgen Is Eight!!
Happy Birthday to Morgen!! What a fun and amazing girl. She absolutely loves to laugh and have a good time. We love her sooo much!!
I cannot believe that my baby is turning eight!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mommy's Big Mistake!!!

I Am Sooo Sorry!!!

I made a big mistake last week. I forgot McKennah's Dare graduation!! I swear I tried really hard to remember. That morning on my way to the gym I kept thinking how am I going to remember McKennah's graduation (yes I am normally forgetful) so I called Steve at work to have him call and remind me later in the day to go (of course he had a Dr's appt. so he's off the hook). I called both his cell phone and his office phone and he didn't answer. I hung up my cell phone and thought "I am making such a big deal out of not forgetting there is no way that I will". So I proceeded with my workout at the gym and never thought of the graduation again until later when Steph called me and asked if it was okay if she gives McKennah a ride home...OH MY...IT WAS OVER AND I HAD FORGOTTEN!!! When she got home she was I started was a mess, and I felt horrible. I called Steve on his cell and sobbed to him so he stopped and bought her some roses (which I do have pictures of). So if any of you amazing Mom's out there that didn't forget like I did to go to the graduation have any pictures or video of this memorable occasion please, please send them my way, and yes you can give me a hard time too!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm Obsessed!!!

Mamma Mia!!!

Our new family obsession is the movie Mamma Mia!! I can't believe how much we liked this movie. We borrowed it...then rented it...then bought it!!! It is so much fun to watch...we watch it almost daily!! All four of us (daddy doesn't like this one) sit and watch this...and sing along. Yes there are some questionable parts but when the girls are in the room we skip past them and still enjoy the movie...what fun!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our Holiday Happenings!!!

The and then gone!!!

Our last day with the Milne's. They came over to visit the morning that they left...we were already missing them!!

Our day at the Festival of trees. McKennah's Dance Team did an amazing job!!

Jesse loves his aunts!!

Watching Polar Express.

Our 1st annual Polar Express Party!! The grandkids came over and they actually watched the movie!! They had some chocolate chip cookies, hot chocolate (not so much, they didn't like it), and received a jingle bell. What fun we all had.

A one and a two = 12!!!

Debbie Auger came over to decorate her room for her Birthday (for YW)
(Look Debbie...her room does look nice cleaned ;))

McKennah turns 12!! We are so excited!! She had such a fun day. We opened her presents (a razor G-stick and clothes) and then went out for her favorite food...chinese!!!

She procrastinated her birthday she ended up just having a sleepover.

Me and Jesse on Christmas Eve day. We were getting ready to take Braedon his presents...but I forgot my camera so I have no pictures of them together. I had to post this one with his silly face!!

Jesse opening his presents from Grandma after we got back, and before we went to great-grandmas annual Christmas Eve party.

This was a fun Family picture at my Moms for her annual family Christmas Eve party. We have been going there on Christmas Eve since we got married in 1991.

Morgen's Christmas Eve pajamas.

McKennah's Chrstmas Eve pajamas.

Madi's Christmas Eve pajamas.

Christmas Morning at 3:00 a.m. when I finally went to bed ;p

I actually had to go and get the girls up at 8:30. They all slept in McKennah's room. We took this picture while waiting for daddy-o.

This is the girls opening one of the family gifts all together...oh my, what could it be?

Yep, it's a Wii and Guitar Hero World Tour with lots of games and controllers. Other items Santa brought were cell phones, ipods, perfume, boardgames, boots, clothing and a new Dell computer (strange...there were no dolls or barbies this year).

Every year on Christmas Day we have the annual Bybee Christmas party at out house. This is our group family photo...excluding his parents...they are tucked away in Yuma, AZ enjoying the warm weather.

Steve pulled Averie and Jaxon behind the 4 wheeler on sleds one evening after Christmas when we were watching them. It was so cold, but they really had alot of fun!!

We had a fun New Years Eve party and John and Debbie's home. Madi played with her band the Jr. Bandit's at 11:00 p.m. They did a really great job!!

The after Midnight Limbo!!

Lots of dancing in the dark going on!!

This is Kim and Angela dancing to the YMCA in the dark...the only light was the disco ball...don't they look like they are having fun!!!

Happy New Year!!!