Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Trick or Treat!!

McKennah & Jaxon

Morgen the Princess

Jaxon is Buzz Lightyear

McKennah, Morgen, Jaxon and Averie before they went Trick or Treating

Trick or Treat!!

Trevor taking the little boys around on the buggy!

Yep!! It was that jackets!!!



Jodi said...

Cute pics Stacy!! Hope you guys had a great Halloween!!

Jennifer M. said...

What great weather for Halloween. We got lucky with goo weather too. Looks like you all have been having lots of fun.
Happy late birthday Stacey!

Jenny Lee said...

Cute costumes! I'm so glad that you had good weather. We were up in Idaho for my grandpa's funeral and it rained on us half the time. Luckily it wasn't blowing like it normally does up there. It's so good to see your cute kids and keep up with you guys.

Angela said...

Loved the warm weather, it was about time, we deserved it. There have been some freezing Halloween's in the past. My boys would have loved the Buzz costume. I saw Trevor on the buggy, FUN stuff.