Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I'm It!!

I've been tagged by Jaycee. How excited am I? I am supposed to post 7 weird things about myself...I am not weird at all so this is going to be hard (yea right).

1. I am not afraid of spiders. I mean I wouldn't pick them up with my bare hands or anything. How does this make we weird? Because everyone else in my family is petrified of them. Madi and McKennah check their beds every night before they climb in and Steve frequently goes spider hunting outside after dark with a flashlight and a can of Raid.

2. I have not read any of the Harry Potter Series or any of the Twilight Series. (I used to love to read, now I just have no time to read).

3. If it is broke I have to fix it. It makes me nuts to have something that is not working correctly. It doesn't matter if it is something in my car...or in the has to work.

4. I love bargains!! I find it difficult to buy anything at regular price.

5. At 39 I have my 6th grandchild on the way. Who would have guessed? Not me for sure!!

6. I have no eyebrows. I had permanent makeup done on them about 2 years ago...and now they need to be touched up, which is painful...but it sure beats drawing them on everyday.

7. I had to have stitches on my bottom lip when I was 2 months old. Because of that I have a crooked smile and a long scar that goes down from my bottom lip.

8. (Did I say I can't count?) I cannot be on time to church on Sunday. In the almost 8 years that we have been going I think I have heard the opening prayer a handful of times.

Okay, now I am supposed to tag 7 people. Madi & Mckennah thought that it would be they are 2 of them. The others are of course Jen, Jodi, Angela, Debbie, and Kim. Now, your it!!


Jennifer M. said...

I loved your wierd things. We can never be on time for church either. No matter how hard we try. It's so embarassing, especially when everyone out here is ten minutes early.
Are you sure you want my weird stuff? I'll try and give you something good.

Angela said...

I need Steve to come hunt for spiders here. I'm terrified of them and so I've made my kids also. If he'd spray them before they get in I won't have to ever deal with one! Larry holds the kleenex 2 inches away for so long looking at them (he doesn't mind spiders) that they see him coming and get away! And I need you to come fix things, Larry's not a fixer upper. And we should just carpool together and save gas to church. Every week I say "this is the day we're gonna be on time" NOT!

Jodi said...

Way funny!! I hate spiders!! I have to suck them up with the vacuum because I can't get close to them! If I didn't live with Trevor we'd be way late for church every week.
Can I put 77 weird things about myself, because I have tons!!! I'll get working on that! (I think one would have to be that I can't type/blog without using exclamation points!! Have you noticed? Rylee brought it to my attention a few weeks ago!!!!!!)

Kim said...

Who is the singer that sings "All That Remains?" Holy Cow! He is hot!
I love your music videos, I could sit and watch them all day!

Kim said...

I mean "Love Remains The Same!"

Stacey B. said...

HOLY COW is right!! Must have been that HOT shower scene!!
His name is Gavin Rossdale and his album is 'Wanderlust'.
Now that is coincidence!!