Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sweet Baby Boy!!

Fun With Braedon

I said a while ago that I would post an update about Braedon's progress. I know it is late but here it is. He did go in to be tested for Cerebral Palsy...and it came back that he did have it, but it is mild. I knew that he would have some. How could he not with the severity of the brain injury from when he was born. Mild is good, and I don't imagine that it will change any as he gets older. It seems to be mostly in his legs, but I am sure we will notice small things later as he gets older. He seems to be coming along great. He still is not walking on his own. He does have a walker and can use it, but someone has to hold it while he is using it because walkers have no brakes! He has been fitted for his leg braces, we will see how he does with them when he starts using them. He also is crawling now. Before it was more of a scoot with his legs being pulled behind him. Now he puts his legs under him and is using his knees to move forward...yea for him!!! He is talking a little bit more although it is hard to discern and you have to listen hard for some of the words...but they are there. I have to say I am so happy to post all of this good news...Hooray for Braedon!!

P.S. If you click on Jesse's picture on the sidebar it will take you to his story. I am working on posting Braedon's story as well. I will also be posting a fun page for each of the may take a while but I WILL get it done ; )

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Jennifer M. said...

It's so good to hear that he is doing so well. You are such a good Grandma!
Your blog is so cute. I still couldn't get mine bigger. I wish I could just run over to your house and have you help me. Wah!