Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope that everyone is having an amazing Christmas!!

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I am so happy that the stockings have been hung...then filled...then emptied...and now we can rest!!! I feel exhausted!! The rushing around this time of year really does me in. This year I feel like Christmas came so fast that I hardly got a chance to enjoy it. This next few days until school starts back up I am going to try to relax and do some reading (Eclipse) and enjoy what is left of the Christmas holiday!!! But I do hope that all of yours was wonderful!!!


Jodi said...

Merry Christmas Bybee family!! I agree, Christmas was such a blur this year!!! Whoooo!!!! Time to relax and enjoy!!!! Happy holidays!!! (:

Angela said...

Time goes faster and faster each year I believe. I'm excited to relax too, and put a 500 piece puzzle together while I eat peanut brittle. Maybe take Hud to shoot his BB gun and play board games with all my kids. I feel like I never got to just sit and enjoy the Christmas tree lights. Enjoy your book. It's a good one.
Merry Christmas!

Angela said...

P.S. What a small world...talking about your grandson having CP. I don't even know the (#) of brain bleed Parks had. It seems you are very well informed. I'll have to talk to you more about it.
Parks Kindergarten bus drivers niece has CP too I found out after she seen Parks with his cast. She can't even walk, hearing those stories makes me feel so thankful that Parks can.

Jenny Lee said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Bybee's. I felt the same about Christmas this year. I want to make a list of what I want to do better next year so I can enjoy it more. We are enjoying these long lazy days after Christmas though. We are finally done traveling - well, until tomorrow. We're going to St. George for the the night.