Monday, December 8, 2008

Festival Of Trees

Christmas Spirit!!

On Friday McKennah danced at the Festival of Trees at the South Town Center. It was so much fun for the girls. It helps us to get into the Christmas Spirit. Of course we have to stop by the Sweet Shoppe and buy a few yummy things. I remember last year when we went we seen Angie Larsen from GTU there on a date night.
After we left we went to the South Town Mall...and then to the District shopping center in South Jordan and ate at the Chick-fil-a there.

And A Fun Party!

Saturday Steve and I had a christmas party to go to in Evanston, WY at the President of the AKKI's home. His home was so amazing. It was completely decorated everywhere and had 4 huge christmas trees. They had just built on and remodeled their home. It was all done with kinda a rustic feel. They had amazing wood floors, beamed ceilings and huge chandeliers. Outside they had built their own mountain range. They had tons and tons of dirt and rock brought in and built this huge thing and Saturday it had light snow on it and about 300 trees and about 30 light up deer on it. It was absolutely amazing to look at...I sure wished I had gotten some pictures!!!

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Jodi said...

Stacy!! that sounds like so much fun!!! I haven't been to the festival of the tress forever!!