Monday, November 24, 2008

The Milne's Are Here!!

What a fun time!!

This is when they first got to our house...happy children!!

More excitement...they are so being monkeys!!

Madi & Kennah walked around like this for a whole 10 mins!!

We had pizza and a sleepover and friends over to visit!!

This was Sunday morning after breakfast.
It was sooo cold outside, but they all wanted it to feel like old times!!


Angela said...

I feel bad i didn't even get to say hi to Jen. I saw her in Sacrament meeting talking to other people and never worked my way over there. Cute pictures.

Jennifer M. said...

Thanks for everything Stacey!!! We had such a great time! Thanks for making it just like old times. The pictures are so cute. Thanks for taking them. The kids loved the sleep over. Madi loved the party you gave too. They had such a hard time leaving. Steve, Judd thinks your the man. You treated him so sweet. Stacey, you are amazing! You all did so much for us. We can't thank you enough. We are so grateful for your family and all of the love that you shared to us.
Love You!
The Milne's