Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthdays Birthdays Everywhere

If You Have A Birthday Shout Hurray!!

Birthdays sure are abundant for us in the month of November!! First is Madi's on the 11th, then my Dads on the 12th, then Travis' on the 14th and my Moms the 15th, then Chantel's on the 19th. wonder I am broke by the time Christmas rolls around!! So 'Happy Birthday' to all of you with November birthdays!!

Shaylee M. Happy 13th Birthday on the 11th!!
Colton A. Happy 12th Birthday on the 14th!!


Debbie said...

hey this is colton a thanks for remembering my birthday appreciate it

Jennifer M. said...

Thanks Stacey! We hope Madison had a happy birthday too!