Monday, August 18, 2008

South Weber Days

It's Here Again!!!

It's time for the South Weber's Country Fair Days. It is so much fun. Saturday morning is the parade and then after there is all kinds of fun activities at Central Park.

McKennah and Morgen rode in the parade and threw candy,
(Morgen was on the other side of the float, darn).

Then they both danced at the park.

While we were there some of the neighbor kids were selling bunnies...and crazy me...I bought one!!! We named her Lucy...she is so cute, and the girls love her.

McKennah and her friends did all kinds of fun activities including getting their faces painted. It was so much fun for them.

Then the Jr. Bandits played and Madi and Rylee did an amazing job at singing. (I will upload video of it later)

Later that night we watched the fireworks with Averie. It was a fun and tiring day.

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