Monday, August 25, 2008

Going Back To School!!

Didn't school just get out yesterday?

My two cute girls in their new school clothes,
Where are their smiles?

McKennah and her new friend MaKayla,
Big 6th graders this year!!

First day back to school group photo,
What you don't see is all the parents!!

Thank goodness for Jean,
No more drive to the end of the street!!

Oh, and this is my Jr. High girl,
9th grade here I come!!

Madison and her new friend Savannah,
The boys don't have a chance!!

Where is Jean when you need her,
I guess you can't win them all.

The first day of school was alot of fun. The kids went for a short day and were home by 2:00, and then swam in the pool because it was HOT!! McKennah has Mr. Draper, and Morgen has Mr. Rowell. Madison gets to go to Seminary this year. What a great year this will be for all of them!!


Jennifer M. said...

Your pictures bring tears to my eyes. I'm such a baby. It's hard to see all the neighbor kids without my kids in there. We sure miss all of the kids. Your kids look so cute. Would you mind telling the Schencks "Hi" for me? I miss them too and haven't talked to them since I left.

Jaycee said...

Madi really does look like me, with except the hair and freckles!
Lucky girl,, haha!