Monday, March 9, 2009

Catching Up!!

What a busy couple of months!!!

Morgen's eight birthday was January 24th!! I fixed a whole bunch of cupcakes for her friend birthday party so that is what she blew her candle out on. I should have gotten her a cake as well but who wants to eat that much cake? I know I don't!!

She had some of her wonderful friends over from her class in school...they gave her some great gifts!!

Morgen was baptized on January 31st. What a great day!! She was baptized the same day as her good friends Sophie and Ari who also turned 8 that month. I think that they all look alot alike here!! Congratulations girls!!

These cookies turned out so good that I had to post a picture of them! I made these for McKennah's class party for Valentine's Day. Yummy!!! Thanks Konra for the recipe!!

This is my girls before they left for PPP night at YW!! It was so fun!! The girls dressed up with as many P things that they can come up, purple, pony tails, plaid pants, polka dot pants, etc. They did come close to winning but came up a few short...better luck next year!! It is so fun to see both of my girls going to YW now!!

Madi has been going to softball conditioning for Northridge since the first week in January. They finally had the tryouts on March 2nd and 3rd...and she made the team!! Woooo Hoooo!! She has been working really hard to do this!! She made the team as a 9th grader so I have to pick her up from Sunset everyday and drive her to Northridge for practice...or for games but hey we do what we have to do!! Go Madi!!

This is a picture of our very sick puppy Teton. He looks very sad here...and I was sad for him.

Sadly Teton passed away on March 4th. What a sad day that was. I came home early from the gym that day to take Madi some lunch for getting on the softball team. I went out to check on him and noticed that it was getting windy and I went inside to get the phone to call and have Steve come home for his lunch so he could help me get him into the garage. As I was talking I went back outside and he lifted his head to look at me and then put it down...he was doing really bad and I told Steve 'I need you home now' and hung up. I put the phone down and talked to him and stoked his head and body and cried...he was gone by the time Steve made it home a few minutes later. We buried him in the field under a tree wrapped in a new blanket that had little dogs and fire hydrants printed on it. He was an amazing dog and we enjoyed him for 11 long years. This picture was taken the day before he died...he noticed the cat in the yard and he perked up and ran over to this picture is Teton (lab), Ellie (schnauzer), and Squeek (kitty).

On March 5th was Braedon's 2nd birthday! I got to enjoy having him the next day. He was so much fun. He is talking so good now!! He is walking along furniture and walls...just not on his own yet. We are confident that he will very soon. He is doing everything else like a typical 2 year more baby!! Happy Birthday Braedon!!!

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Jenny Lee said...

You've been busy! My birthday is on the 24th too! I loved your cookies and the girls PPP Young Women's night. I'll have to try that in our YW's. We're getting ideas for girls camp right now. That's sure too bad about your dog. It's so hard when animals die especially since you had him 11years. I can't believe your little grandson is two now! Time flies!